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In the meantime, at that island, Chelsea starts to discover the real-life forms of her plush toys; first up, she finds a child elephant named Kelsie crying. She is shocked upon seeing the date and tells them it is the eleventh, whereas Chelsea’s birthday falls on the th. Stacie at first thought that she was pranking them like before till Barbie checked her phone to see it for herself. Then Chelsea finds the Activities Director, who tells her they’d crossed the Worldwide Date Line. At midnight the cruise ship they have been on crosses the Worldwide Date Line. Mr. Rabbit is the father of the Rabbit family. Chelsea asked her what was mistaken, and she replied that she was misplaced and missed her household.

Everybody says it is the eleventh, and Chelsea admits that her birthday is misplaced. By morning once they woke up, Chelsea jumped up and down in delight as her birthday had finally arrived. In the meantime, not far off the place, Barbie Skipper and Stacie go to the island and take a jungle tour to find Chelsea. Disillusioned about her birthday being lost eternally, Chelsea hides under a tent and talks to her plush toys about it. Still, instead, a speaking parrot appears and tells her about a magical gem that grants wishes hidden on a rainbow friends plush. They both find a large talking flower who asks them a riddle. The Barnacle, a boar who claims to predict the long run, makes a collection of predictions about Miguel that all come true.

David Feiss stated in an interview that he was contacted by Konnie Kwak, the president of Toonzone Studios, to make the unique YooHoo & Mates collection into one thing he could promote to western television. Felicity’s mates. She speaks in a monotone voice. Hoot’s Birdwatching Membership These segments from the early seasons show Hoot and Jimmy looking for birds only to find some sent by their pals. Desperate, she leaves her plush toys and ziplines her way to the jungle island. She replied negatively, much to their downcast; however, she cheered them up by encouraging them to assume like Chelsea, which led the three to assume she had gone into the nearby jungle island. He finally makes it to Professor Oak’s lab; however, he thought he wants Bulbasaur Charmander or Squirtle, is told by Professor Oak that the three starter Pokémon Bulbasaur Squirtle and Charmander have already been taken by Trainers who have been on time.